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The long way to create a product

Ein langer Weg ... 

Two main drivers got us started:

The passion for leather as a very special and beautiful material, as well as the conclusion that mens belts do not get the appreciation they deserve. From the first idea and constant nurturing of the same it took some years until Bicknall was finally founded in 2015 in New York City.

From making the first belts it did not take long and more products were added to create the first belt collection.Today Bicknall is a luxury brand, offering high-end leather & lifestyle products for gents.

Bicknall’s main objective is to provide beautiful products which stand out in quality and crafting. Our products are supposed to make their owners happy & proud  and emphasize their individual style.

Bicknall is a family business with it’s roots in Manhattan NY. Family links between Europe and the US create a constant connection between two continents. This allows to work with only with the best and carefully selected manufacturers in the US and Europe.

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