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Our belts

Belts are a popular accessory for men who appreciate something special and want to make a statement.

Casual with jeans or a suit. Elegant, sporty or luxurious. Sterling silver or brass.

We have men's belts for every occasion and taste. all of our belts are handcrafted in England from the finest saddle leather.


About saddle leather

The naming of bridle leather (bridle leather) refers to the way in which the leather of the cowhide is tanned.

In a complex process, the grain side, like the meat side, is treated with fats and wax. A costly process that only finishes the best types of leather.

This complex treatment is absolutely necessary for the production of belts.

The leather has to withstand high loads and look good with age.

Nowadays there are not many tanneries that have mastered this craft. We only get our leather from the best such as by Sedgwick & Co.