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Handmade in England from the best saddle leather by small manufacturers 

Belts are a popular accessory for men who appreciate something special and want to make a statement.

Casual with jeans or elegant with a suit. Simple, sporty or luxurious. Sterling silver or brass.  

With us you will find men's belts for every occasion and taste. All of our belts are handcrafted in England from the finest saddle leather. 



    The naming of bridle leather (bridle leather) comes from the fact that it is mostly used for the production of saddles or bridles, as it hardly stretches,  is extremely weather and lightfast.  

    The leather comes from the back skin of the cattle (also known as the core or croupon).  

    The cowhide - only the best part of it, the core (croupon) of the cowhide skin - is tanned in the pit and then processed by hand according to traditional methods.  

    It is subject to a special vegetable tanning process that takes place in the pit. In this elaborate process, the grain side, like the meat side, is treated in the traditional way with fats and wax.

    An expensive process  with which only the best types of leather are refined.

    This complex treatment is absolutely necessary for the production of belts.  

    The leather has to withstand high loads, and yet it should of course develop a beautiful patina.

    Nowadays there aren't many tanneries that have mastered this craft. We only get our leather from the best tanneries in England such as by Sedgwick & Co.

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