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For the joy of craft

In a time when everything is available and you can buy almost everything,

the meaning and value of products is mostly short term.


We offer products that stand out and are special because of their shape, design and way of making.

For this reason, handmade is of central importance at Bicknall. The majority or at least parts of our products are made by hand.

This does not happen out of dreamy nostalgia, but is a conscious decision for quality, individuality and style.

Due to the high degree of handwork, a variety of stylistic features are created on each of our products.


This is not only about the high-quality choice of materials, but also about the use of

of the appropriate tools and machines.

For handmade products, tools and machines are still used in some cases,

which are no longer manufactured today.


So for leather products that are made by hand, a lot of experience and knowledge is needed.

A lot of work steps are necessary - it is cut, sanded, polished,

punched, scored, pressed, punched, sewn, knotted, oiled and sanded again and then polished again.


These many steps, done by hand, require passion and time in order to

to create a high quality product.

Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer saddlers and belt makers who have mastered the art of working leather by hand.  The skills necessary for the craft are mostly passed down through generations

and are increasingly difficult to find. With our products we would like to show what a difference it makes how leather is tanned and later processed. 


We are happy to work with some of the best professionals from different countries.   

Their knowledge, experience, passion and skill are used to create Bicknall products.

We are pleased that our customers appreciate and enjoy the quality. 

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