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Leather care Crème Delicate - this leather milk cares for, nourishes sensitive leather and lets it shine with its old shine! It is neutral in color and you can use it on all your smooth leather products such as belts, bags and your shoes. Put the cream on your leather product and rub it in as evenly as possible. Then polish them with a clean cloth or lambskin glove.

This leather care cream is also available for dark brown leather.

High quality products for the care of belts and bags - made by FAMACO in France. FAMACO is known for producing the best leather care products and attaches great importance to natural ingredients.

Because those who love their leather products care for them!

Would you like to find out more about leather care? We have put together a detailed leather care guide for you!

Crème Délicate natural | Famaco

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100 Milliliters
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