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Creme de Beauté from Famaco - if you are looking for good leather care, you will find the leather cream a good choice. With nourishing fats and oils, it gives the leather a beautiful shine and refreshes the colors. The leather is nourished and protected. Give the care from the leather product and massage it in with light pressure. Let it sit for a few minutes and then remove it with a clean cloth. Exclusive leather care product made from the best ingredients for leather belts and bags, made in France.

Are you looking for special care for your Cordovan products? Here you will also find the Cordovan care products from Famaco.

Because those who love their leather products will give you care!

Would you like to find out more about leather care? We have put together a detailed leather care guide for you

Créme Beauté | Famaco

100 Milliliters
VAT Included |
  • 2-3 Days

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