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Algonquin toiletry bag made from the finest calfskin. The inside is processed with water-repellent fabric and you can get everything you need for your next hotel stay inside. Due to the processed calf leather, the toiletry bag is equally soft and stable and fills well. Two properties that are more than important., It has to be able to withstand something. On the other hand, however, it must also be easy to pack. A nice accessory for men who travel a lot. Those who enjoy style and quality will love this wash bag and enjoy it for a long time!

All of our products are handcrafted in England from the finest materials and with a passion for the product!

About calfskin:

The calf is the cow's young animal. as a calf, any animal that is less than one year old and has not yet reached the weight of 150 kg. Tanners refer to the leather of the calf as fur in contrast to cattle where the leather is referred to as skin. Due to its evenness and strength, calfskin is regarded as particularly high-quality leather. In contrast to the leather of adult animals, it has a much finer grain. The finer grain is created by the narrower hair pores in the calf, which are distributed over a larger area in the adult cattle.

Necessaire Algonquin

SKU: Nec-Alg-tan
VAT Included |
Colour: tan
  • 2-3 Days

  • Length 25 cm | Width 14 cm | Height 17 cm

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