Shaving cream Apsley in a jar by Truefitt & Hill in a jar. Glycerine based. Prepares your skin optimally for the wet shave. Moisturizing enables a thoroughly nourishing shave. It is economical and can be applied thinly. Notes of cedar, grapefruit and vetiver. Fresh and elegant. Preferably apply it with a shaving brush. This shaving cream is also available in a tube for travel. You won't want to miss the caring effect anymore.

Would you like a different fragrance? Try our shaving cream with a sandalwood scent.

Truefitt & Hill was founded in 1805. T&H Known as one of London's oldest barbers. T & H to this day supplier to the English royal family.
This traditional house provides discerning gentlemen with the best men's accessories.

Shaving Cream Apsley Bowl | Truefitt & Hill

100 Grams
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