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Spècial Cordovan Famaco is a particularly high-quality leather care product that is specially tailored to horse leather. It cares for, protects and nourishes the leather. This gives the leather a healthy and fresh shine. Based on natural ingredients and also does not contain turpentine oil.

Put the cream on a cloth and distribute it as evenly as possible. Let them dry. Then polish with a polishing brush.

You will thank you for leather belts, bags but also your shoes! The cream is colorless. Available as a 50ml glass jar.

For the care of your other leather products, we recommend the Creme de Beauté from Famaco.

Would you like to find out more about leather care? We have put together a detailed leather care guide for you!

Spècial Cordovan Leather Care | Famaco

100 Milliliters
VAT Included |
  • 2-3 Tage

  • 50 ml

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