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The history of the belt is almost as old as humanity

The history of the belt is almost as old as humanity

Belts were already an important status symbol in the late Neolithic period.


In Norse mythology, it is Megingiard, the power-giving belt of Thor. In the Bronze Age, the craft of belts experienced a development - now in the form of chain cords and hook belts.


The belt buckle as we can today was developed by the Romans. Belts, however, were not just a holder for a sword or dagger - they were also always an expression of strength and domination.


For example, in Iranian mythology, the belt is a symbol of service at the king's court. Only the monks only wear a cord instead of a belt as a sign of their modesty. Otherwise, belts have always been made of leather or metal. For a long time the belt loses its importance because it is no longer visible in "fashion" and only reappears at the beginning of the 20th century.


"Gird your loins" means something like "set off" - something that is in ours today too

globalized world is again a central issue for men.

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