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Manschettenknöpfe Sterling Silber Bicknall

Accessories for men

An elegant statement

Men do not have many opportunities to wear jewelry and so cufflinks made of sterling silver, next to the watch or a ring, give you the opportunity to "shine" a little but elegantly.

We only use the best English 925 sterling silver for our cufflinks.


Often it is the little things in life that give you special joy and to which you are attached. In particular, accessories such as wallets, cufflinks or credit card cases hold memories and souvenirs. 

But also as gifts for men, there is little that would be more useful and with which you can probably inspire pretty much every man who enjoys fashion and style. 

As with everything, small or large, the quality and manufacture is crucial. Accessories are usually daily companions that you use often and gladly, but they should also be functional and have to withstand a lot. 

Especially in terms of style and statement, they play an important role for men. They give men the opportunity to set subtle accents. They determine a look say a lot about its wearer and are often perceived more than you think. 
Furthermore, they give you the opportunity to make one and the same outfit, appear in a different light and adapt it to an occasion accordingly. 

The motto for accessories should be timeless, to be able to "go along" with changing trends, to adapt to the business look and to ensure years of pleasure. 

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