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Because even the best leather needs care

Leather needs regular and good care. Because even the best leather shows signs of wear after a certain period of time.

In order to counteract these phenomena and to keep the saddle leather beautiful, we recommend our care products from Famaco for care.


About Famaco

Tradition & Innovation

The traditional company Famaco Lederpflege was founded in 1931 by Frédéric Pfirter. Throughout his life he considered leather to be a "living" material.

Famaco is still run by the Pfirter family and is based in Châtillon near Paris.


Famacos' claim to be the leader in the field of empty care has led to the development of essential products such as the beauty cream (Créme de Beauté) for leather, with a palette of 100 colors, Raviv Cuir, a cleansing polishing lotion, the beeswax polishing paste (Pâte à Cirer de l'Abbaye).


Famacos' knowledge and continuous research allow them to combine tradition and innovation.

Thanks to innovations in chemical technologies, Famaco is now also able to intelligently develop traditional waxes such as beeswax or carnauba wax.


Due to its many years of experience in the leather care industry, Famaco is considered to be one of the highest quality manufacturers.

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