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Weekender & Laptop bags

Travel in style & travel elegantly 

Elegant laptop bags & weekend bags for men.

For short trips or weekly trips.  Made from the best materials - whether calfskin or a combination of fabric and saddle leather.  Our bags are hard-wearing, durable and also look good.  For stylish trips and short business trips.

Taschenriemen Roger Bicknall

Men's Bags & Weekender

Although trolleys are of course incredibly practical & comfortable, we think that in terms of style and elegance, they can never hold a candle to a beautiful travel bag or a premium quality weekender.

Whether you use them as a gym bag or a travel bag for weekend trips, they are more than just a "utility" - they are a style element.

Weekender made of leather or canvas make a (male) statement and often they become one, for many years a faithful companion to which one hangs and which preserves many memories.

And even if pieces of luggage on trips like to "suffer" a little, so you get but only their patina and thus get their own individual look and charm. 

The most important thing here is of course the quality and workmanship. Which leather was used, how is the quality of the canvas and how were the materials processed. Our bags are mostly handmade in England in small manufactories.

A good leather, a high quality zipper and if possible a lock to be able to lock the bag should be given - the credo must be: "Made for at least one life!"

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