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Bag Constellation is handmade from the best two play cotton canvas. Travel bags have to be resilient and look good at the same time. The combination of quality and style is all the more important here! The leather handles are black and made of naturally tanned calfskin. The calfskin ensures a nice grip, which makes it comfortable to wear. This bag holds everything you need for a nice weekend. And there's always a weekend ahead!

An accessory that you can get used to and that you don't want to be without! This weekender is also available as a complete version in cognac-colored calfskin.

About canvas:

Canvas is originally the material from which sailcloth was made. Before the 19th century, pure hemp was used for its manufacture. Due to its special weave and impregnation, canvas is a stable and therefore long-lasting material.

About calfskin:

The calf is the cow's young animal. As a calf, any animal that is less than one year old and has not yet weighed 150 kg. Tanners refer to the calf's leather as fur. In contrast to cattle where the leather is called hide. Due to its evenness and strength, calfskin is regarded as particularly high-quality leather. In contrast to the leather of adult animals, it has a much finer grain. The finer grain is created by the narrower hair pores in the calf, which are distributed over a larger area in the adult cattle.

Travel bag Constellation blue

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